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IRS Form 990EZ Deadline: Important Information for 2024

The 990EZ is like the little brother to the standard form 990. If you qualify for the 990EZ, you can count your lucky stars because you just saved eight…

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990EZ for Nonprofits | Everything You Need to Know to File

One of the key benefits of running a 501(3)(c) nonprofit is the tax exemption that comes with it. But once you’ve filed your Form 1023 and been granted…

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990-EZ vs 990-N: What's the Difference + Other FAQs Answered

One of the most significant duties your nonprofit’s staff has is maintaining your organization’s tax-exempt status. To do so, they have to complete tax…

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An Ultimate Guide to the 990-N Postcard for Small Nonprofits

Your small nonprofit’s tax-exempt status is one of the biggest advantages it has to maximize fundraising revenue, but maintaining it can be a struggle…

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Form 990 Online and Other Things We Now Do in 2019

You can file your form 990 online. This we know. The real question is: What don’t we do on the internet these days? Social media, software, and…

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Ready to File IRS Form 990? Here are 4 Nonprofit Tax Resources You’ll Need First

So, you think you’re ready to file? You’ve got your 501(C)(3) established. You have a solid structure for your organization. And you’re operating…

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Why Should You E-File Your 990?

How do you file your personal or business taxes? Maybe you are already filing them electronically, or perhaps through the assistance of a certified CPA or…

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Tax Resources for Nonprofits of Any Size

Let’s face it: most of us don’t like doing our taxes. Even if you’re not expecting to owe any money to the IRS, it can still be quite the hassle. Tax…

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Filing a 990-N is Easy. So Why Bother with a Certified e-Filer?

So, you are the treasurer of your non-profit organization, and you’re feeling very confident about filing taxes for your organization; in fact, you feel…

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Do I Need a Tax Accountant for My Nonprofit?

It’s officially tax season. You know, that time of year that some people dread, others don’t mind, and a few even get excited about. And, not only are you…

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