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Non Profit Treasurer: Ask Yourself These Questions Before Filing Your 990

If you’re a non profit treasurer, filing your 990 tax forms is one of many tasks you perform. You’re charged with managing and maintaining your…

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So, You Missed the IRS Form 990 EZ Deadline. Here’s What Happens Next.

You misremembered the date. Someone on your team dropped the ball. Your dog chose a new chew toy. It doesn’t matter. In filing the IRS Form 990 EZ, all…

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5 Facts You Need to Know Before Filing IRS Form 990

Let’s be frank here… Nobody likes filing taxes. And even fewer enjoy paying them. The reason for this is because tax forms were created to be universally…

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Nonprofit Tax Resources for the Resourceful

Finding tax resources for your nonprofit may not be as simple as you thought. Laws change, state guidelines shift, and new information is always being…

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Why is the 990 N Called the e-Postcard?

A postcard is nothing new. In fact, the first government-produced postcard in the United States was issued on May 1, 1873. Over the past 146 years,…

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How Many Different 990 Forms Are There?

Filing an IRS nonprofit 990 form is the least favorite pastime of most people, unless you’re a CPA or a certified e-filer for nonprofit organizations like…

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Form 990-N Basics for Nonprofits

If you’re new to the nonprofit world, thinking about starting one, or suddenly find yourself in charge of the taxes for the charity where you volunteer,…

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The Best Nonprofit Tax Software Available for Even the Novice Treasurer

Okay, so let’s get the obvious out of the way: This is going to be about File 990. But you knew that already. So, the question at the top of your mind…

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Where to Find the 990 Electronic Postcard for Tax Filing

It’s time to file your nonprofit tax forms, and you’re looking for the 990-N, or Electronic Postcard (e-postcard) from the IRS. You’re likely the…

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From Start to Finish, Here’s What to Expect from the IRS 990 EZ Form

So, you’ve recently formed your 501(c)(3) nonprofit . You’re happy, you’re ready to work for the public good, and you’ve already got your hand prepped and…

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