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Does My Nonprofit Have to Pay Taxes?

As a United States citizen, you are legally required to file your personal taxes annually; and this is regardless of your financial situation, or whether…

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What is the IRS Form 990?

The short answer: It’s a tax-form application used by nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations to show their financial records and retain their tax-exempt…

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Lost Tax-Exempt Status for Your 501(c)(3)? You’ll Need These Forms to Reinstate

Uh-oh. You received a letter from the IRS informing you that your nonprofit has lost its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, and you need to regain it ASAP. Most…

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Bells and Whistles or Simplicity? Find the Best 990 Tax Software

Filing taxes probably isn’t the reason you started your nonprofit, yet your tax-exempt status is a key component of your ability to pursue your…

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Who’s Looking at Your Nonprofit’s 990 Form (and Why)

A nonprofit’s 990 form doesn’t just help maintain tax exemption with the IRS—it’s also a crucial lens into an organization’s financial activities, goals,…

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501(c)(3) Taxes Top Tips

Managing 501(c)(3) taxes is vital to any charitable organization. If your nonprofit runs as tax exempt, your mission and operations rely on that exemption…

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Top Tips for Managing 501 (c)(3) Finances

Managing 501 (c)(3) finances requires strong leadership and has many stakeholders with high expectations for you to succeed. Taking on this role with a…

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Wait, I Have to File Form 990 Electronically? Updates on New IRS Rules.

A change in the form 990 instructions for nonprofits filing in 2020 will require you to file your form 990 electronically. Previously, organizations have…

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How Do I Manage My 501 c 3 Financial Documents?

Managing the 501 c 3 finances for your non-profit organization can seem daunting, especially when establishing a new nonprofit. When you are creating this…

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Taxpayer First Act: What It Means for Your Nonprofit

Just when you thought you had your nonprofit’s finances all figured out, the Internal Revenue Service released new legislation that requires any and all…

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