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I Need to File a Form 990 Extension!

Nobody wants to file a form 990 extension. Nonprofit financial officers have a lot on their plates. Pushing back deadlines only compounds the tasks you…

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What 501 c 3 Forms Are Required to Create My Nonprofit?

If you’re scouring the internet for 501 c 3 forms, it probably means you’re on the path to establishing a nonprofit organization. That is, of course,…

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What Is IRS Form 990 Tax Software?

To some, the simple idea of IRS Form 990 tax software can be intimidating. It doesn’t have to be. By design, software is here to make our lives easier.…

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Non Profit Treasurer: Ask Yourself These Questions Before Filing Your 990

If you’re a non profit treasurer, filing your 990 tax forms is one of many tasks you perform. You’re charged with managing and maintaining your…

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5 Time-Saving Tips for Nonprofit Treasurers Filing the IRS Form 990

Your time has more value than money. And yet, every year, you—along with millions of other non-profit organizations—will spend more time than you’d prefer…

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When Do Nonprofits Need To File Their 990 Forms?

There are many misconceptions about what kind of nonprofit organization has to file Form 990 and what deadline they have to meet. Nonprofits that are not…

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So, You Missed the IRS Form 990 EZ Deadline. Here’s What Happens Next.

You misremembered the date. Someone on your team dropped the ball. Your dog chose a new chew toy. It doesn’t matter. In filing the IRS Form 990 EZ, all…

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5 Facts You Need to Know Before Filing IRS Form 990

Let’s be frank here… Nobody likes filing taxes. And even fewer enjoy paying them. The reason for this is because tax forms were created to be universally…

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IRS Form 990: You Can Do This

In journalism, there’s a foundational rule to the delivery of information: Who, what, when, where, why, and how. These elements form the crux of any…

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