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Why Should You E-File Your 990?

How do you file your personal or business taxes? Maybe you are already filing them electronically, or perhaps through the assistance of a certified CPA or…

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Tax Resources for Nonprofits of Any Size

Let’s face it: most of us don’t like doing our taxes. Even if you’re not expecting to owe any money to the IRS, it can still be quite the hassle. Tax…

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Filing a 990-N is Easy. So Why Bother with a Certified e-Filer?

So, you are the treasurer of your non-profit organization, and you’re feeling very confident about filing taxes for your organization; in fact, you feel…

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Do I Need a Tax Accountant for My Nonprofit?

It’s officially tax season. You know, that time of year that some people dread, others don’t mind, and a few even get excited about. And, not only are you…

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Does My Nonprofit Have to Pay Taxes?

As a United States citizen, you are legally required to file your personal taxes annually; and this is regardless of your financial situation, or whether…

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What is the IRS Form 990?

The short answer: It’s a tax-form application used by nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations to show their financial records and retain their tax-exempt…

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Lost Tax-Exempt Status for Your 501(c)(3)? You’ll Need These Forms to Reinstate

Uh-oh. You received a letter from the IRS informing you that your nonprofit has lost its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, and you need to regain it ASAP. Most…

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Bells and Whistles or Simplicity? Find the Best 990 Tax Software

Filing taxes probably isn’t the reason you started your nonprofit, yet your tax-exempt status is a key component of your ability to pursue your…

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Who’s Looking at Your Nonprofit’s 990 Form (and Why)

A nonprofit’s 990 form doesn’t just help maintain tax exemption with the IRS—it’s also a crucial lens into an organization’s financial activities, goals,…

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