E-file Form 990N Postcard: How-to Guide for Small Nonprofits

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990-N Postcard FAQs

What Is the Form 990N Postcard?

The Form 990-N postcard is a tax form designed for small 501(c)(3) organizations to file annually to maintain their tax-exempt status with the government. It’s nicknamed “the 990 N postcard” because it requires so little information that it can fit on a postcard-sized piece of paper. Here are some key aspects of the 990N postcard to keep in mind:

Characteristics of the Form 990N postcard (as explained below)


    • Filing prerequisites: Gross receipts of under $50,000
    • Required information: Employer identification number (EIN), name and contact information for the principal officer, organization name, confirmation of gross receipts, tax year, website address, and, if applicable, a statement that the organization has terminated or is terminating (going out of business)
    • Required schedules: None
    • Extensions: None
    • Late filing fines: None

When is the deadline to file the Form 990-N postcard?

The deadline for filing Form 990N, as with the other versions of Form 990, is the 15th day of the fifth month after the end of the organization’s fiscal year. If your nonprofit’s fiscal year follows the calendar year, your deadline will be May 15th. 

Remember that if your due date falls on a weekend or holiday, it’ll be due on the next business day. For example, if your deadline would've been May 15 but May 15 falls on a Saturday, the due date will be moved to Monday, May 17 and not pushed up to Friday, May 14.


How to File the 990-N Postcard in 3 Easy Steps

1. Create or log into your IRS account

To access the IRS’ Form 990 N portal online, you need to create an account with Login.gov or ID.me. Both of these accounts achieve the same thing, but Login.gov is operated through the government and ID.me is a private company. The IRS requires one of these accounts to attribute your Form 990 N to your organization.

First, create an account by visiting this website and providing your organization’s email address. Then, select “Manage E-Postcard Profile” to upload your Form 990 N filing. Once your form is submitted, remember to navigate to the “Manage Form 990 N Submission” page to monitor the status of your submission. 

2. Fill out Form 990-N

  • Verify eligibility. Ensure your nonprofit qualifies to file Form 990 N by checking that it has less than $50,000 in gross receipts and is a registered 501(c)(3).
  • Compile necessary information. Keep your organization’s financial data organized so you can easily pull the required information listed above. Using a database built to hold tax information is crucial—more on that to come!
  • Access the IRS filing system. You’ll need to use an authorized IRS e-file provider to connect to and submit your 990N postcard. Our top software pick, File 990, integrates directly with the IRS and makes the submission process effortless.

3. Submit your 990-N postcard

That’s really all there is to staying tax-exempt! Now, you’re ready to submit your form to the IRS! But before you do so, make sure you understand how to use the top e-filing solution, File 990.

Top 990N Postcard Filing Solution: File 990

File 990 is made for small nonprofits like yours who need to preserve as much of their time and resources as possible for your mission. By using File 990, you can access benefits like:


Some of File 990’s features, which can help you file the Form 990N postcard



  • Status Notifications for Filings
  • Seamless Integration with IRS Portal
  • Enhanced Information Security
  • IRS-Authorized Service
  • Cost-Effective Rates
  • Archived Filings

As an authorized e-file provider, File990 is the fastest, safest, and easiest way to file nonprofit taxes–including your 990N postcard. We use bank-level security to ensure all your information is kept safe. We’ll not only remind you when it’s time to file, but we’ll also save all your prior year’s information to make it even simpler. Simply put, we do the heavy lifting for you. Just provide a few details about your organization and we’ll take care of the rest!

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Best Practices for Filing the Form 990N Postcard

Determine your filing deadline

Double-check your filing deadline and proactively organize your financial information leading up to it. Ideally, you’ll start completing your 990 N postcard as early as possible after your tax year ends. This gives you plenty of time to catch any errors and avoid scrambling right before the deadline. 

Maintain data hygiene

A benefit of running a small nonprofit organization is that you don’t have to be a tax accountant to succeed. There are small steps that can help you maintain data hygiene throughout the year that will make a big difference at tax time, such as:
  • Tracking all donors and donations with a constituent relationship management (CRM) platform designed for nonprofits
  • Ending every month by accounting for your organization’s revenues and expenditures
  • Using e-filing software that saves key contact information in your profile, such as your EIN

Also, don’t forget to regularly update your financial policies and procedures over time. Not only will new financial management solutions become available, but your nonprofit will also grow and change. Continuously improving your financial management strategies will help your nonprofit stand the test of time and keep its tax-exempt status.

Use a tax-filing software solution for small nonprofits

While there are many e-filing solutions available, the best option for a small nonprofit is one that caters to their specific needs, such as File 990. Pick the ideal solution for your organization based on what features you need, your nonprofit’s budget, and your financial goals.

Ask for help when you need it

Filing tax forms is one of the most challenging parts of nonprofit governance. Ensure that you have a support system in place that you can use for assistance, such as your nonprofit colleagues or a contact at the IRS. 

Additionally, choose a software solution that includes technical support. For example, File 990 has a website page dedicated to troubleshooting, as well as a live chat feature on the homepage to help you get through tax season.

 File your Form 990N postcard effortlessly with File 990. Click here to sign up today.Additional Resources