The Best Nonprofit Tax Software Available for Even the Novice Treasurer

Okay, so let’s get the obvious out of the way:

This is going to be about File 990.

But you knew that already.

So, the question at the top of your mind right now is probably “why.”

Why should you choose File 990 above other services—or yourself, for that matter?

What benefits, features, and innovations make File 990 superior to its competitors?

How is File 990 suited to make the filing process simple, quick, and hassle-free for even the most novice of treasurers?

Those are all good questions, and we’re here to answer each one, give you the best information available, and help you accomplish the most important thing to your nonprofit:

Achieving and/or retaining your tax-exempt status.

Although there are several other viable tax-filing alternatives out there, here’s our case for why File 990 is the best nonprofit tax software available for even the novice treasurer.

“Why should you choose File 990 above other alternatives?”

To put it plainly:

We have the most sophisticated and hassle-free software on the market.

Type “File 990” into a search engine, scroll past a few of the page results, and you’ll see a few of our competitors.

Take a look at their general offerings and you’ll see the same things repeated again and again:

  • Authorized e-filer
  • Historical data curation
  • An assisted submission process

And don’t get us wrong, these benefits and perks are nice.

That’s why we offer them.

However, if your service is limited to simply being verified and trusted by the IRS, conducting the service requested (form filing), and offering to compile historical tax records to speed up the submission process, then you won’t be offering anything unique.

At File 990, we understand just how much filing for tax-exemption as a nonprofit (booming or struggling) can be a drain on time and manpower. It’s a headache. And as a result, we also understand that convenience is what really matters to our clients when tax-time approaches.

So, how are we different?

Our software.

But more specifically, our ability to track your organization’s tax status and foster communication (reminders and updates) between your locations.

With File 990, we’ve made our filing process SIMPLE and have built in support features every step of the way to make your filing easier and keep everyone informed across your organization.

Here’s how it works, when you’re ready to file you:

  • Choose your form type.
  • Enter your nonprofit’s EIN.
  • Answer a few questions.
  • Hit submit.

And we’ll take it from there.

Yep, it’s that simple.

File 990 leverages secure, bank-level technology to extract your organization’s historical data from the IRS, track your previous filings, submit the year’s filings, and set up automated reminders to keep each location of your nonprofit in approved tax-exempt status with the IRS.

No more missed deadlines. No more time wasted on refilings.

Did we mention File 990 also helps you keep track of your other location’s tax status?

With our unique software, you’ll also get an advanced dashboard created to help you track the filings of your locations by year and organization, filter them based on their current tax-exemption status, and set up an automatic email to reach out to them when its time to file.


So that you don’t have to.

Rather than spending hours, days, weeks, and months corresponding with the heads of each of your nonprofit’s individual components, your dashboard system will do it for you.

Next up.

“What benefits, features, and innovations make File 990 unique?”

Here’s a short list of everything File 990 has to offer to make your filing process virtually effortless, year-after-year:

  • No more late filings or missed deadlines.
  • It’s the fastest, safest, and easiest way to file the IRS Form 990 and it’s derivatives.
  • Group filing for simplified and rapid form submissions across your organization.
  • The submission process takes literal minutes with acceptance verification in 24 hours or less.
  • An advanced system that pulls and saves your IRS records to expedite filing process and keep you updated on deadlines.
  • Secure, bank-level cybersecurity to safeguard and protect your sensitive tax information.
  • Automated reminders to make sure your headquarters and branch locations are up-to-date with their tax-exempt filings and that no component has missed their deadline.

When it comes to other nonprofit tax-preparation services and software, the goal is to give you the tools you need to submit your IRS Form 990.

At File 990, our goal is to take as much work out of your hands as possible.

When you’re the leader of a nonprofit, your time and how you use it is the most important factor in the stability and health of your business.

And frankly, you didn’t create your nonprofit to spend a second more than you had to preparing and filing for tax-exemption status, rather, you started your organization to provide a service to the community.

We’re here to give you back your time and allow you to focus on just that.

With File 990, you can say goodbye to the prerequisite of having to learn the tax code yourself. That’s what we’re here for. We offer full support in your filing process 365 days a year. If you have a question regarding what to file and when, our dedicated team will be there to guide you every step of the way to ensure your submission is in on time and ultimately approved.

In short, we’re here to make your life easier.

And speaking of which…

“How will File 990 make my life easier?”

Easy. We’ll give you back your time.

Want to know how to create more time in your day?


With File 990, we’re here to be the trusted partner you can rely on to assist your success and guide you through a successful tax-filing, year-after-year.

We’ll take away the headaches of filing, free up your time to focus on the growth of your organization, and allow you to run your business with impunity when tax-time approaches.

Filing the IRS Form 990 can take months, involving:

  • Learning nonprofit tax-exemption tax-code.
  • The requirements for filing Form 990, 990-N, or 990-EZ.
  • Compiling accurate and up-to-date financial and organizational records.
  • Completing the form completely and thoroughly without any mistakes or inconsistencies.

And that’s all before waiting up to 6 months to hear back if you’re tax-exemption has been approved.

Instead, give us the tiny details of the filing process like knowing impending deadlines, gathering the required forms, and corresponding with your larger organization, and in return, we’ll give you peace of mind.

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