File your 990N and 990EZ

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It Takes 5 Minutes to Finish the IRS 990 Form.

Here’s What Else You Can Do in that Time… It turns out a lot, actually. When your nonprofit organization takes advantage of an IRS-authorized tax e-filer…

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Nonprofit Tax Resources for the Resourceful

Finding tax resources for your nonprofit may not be as simple as you thought. Laws change, state guidelines shift, and new information is always being…

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Form 990 EZ: How Easy Is It?

In 2018, the Internal Revenue Service published its most recent instructions guide for the 990 EZ form. It’s 47 pages long. That doesn’t feel very easy.…

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What is the IRS Form 990?

Ah, the IRS form 990. It keeps some financial officers in the nonprofit industry up at night. Others sleep like a baby. What’s the difference? Why does…

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What are the Most Common 990 Filing Deadlines?

Taxpayers know the date when personal tax returns are due each year: April 15. Partnerships, sole proprietorships, S corporations, and other legal…

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